Luxury homes for sale on the island of Karpathos

Houses in a dreamlike location by the sea

Our company Karpathos island – Sunrise construction company builds new luxurious houses on the Greek island of Karpathos. The properties are in the beautiful region of Ardani, near the sea. All our objects offer breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.
The island of Karpathos is known for its natural beauties. Numerous small sandy and gravel bays line the coasts of the second-large island of the Dodecanese. The island of Karpathos has an international airport. The region Ardani is close the small resort Amopi with lots of taverns, cafes and bars. The capital of the island Pigadia is about 8 km away and can be reached by car in about 10-15 minutes.

Inspirational sea views

The region Ardani lies slightly elevated at the large bay of Amopi. Under the windbreak of the mountains, the ocean is mostly very calm and crystal clear. All out houses have a fantastic view of the ocean. But see for yourself…

Video - Karpathos island SUNRISE - construction company

2011 – an idea was born – the SUNRISE project

In 2011, Karpathos island SUNRISE was founded by a group of Italian friends who actually just wanted to spend their vaction on this fairly unknown island in the Aegean. Right from the first day, the friends have been fascinated by the island’s natural beauties.

Lots of white sandy and gravel bays line the Aegean Sea presenting itself around Karpathos in spectacularly blue and turquoise shades. The climate is excellent throughout the year. The daily peak temperatures are between 27 and 33 °C offering ideal conditions for swimming and relaxing. Even during winter months, the average temperate is 16 °C. So it didn’t take long until the friends decided to build their own houses here.
For the vacation homes, an untouched region near the sea - the region of Ardani not far from Amopi in the southeast of Karpathos - was found.

Ardani is surrounded by hills offering sufficient windbreak. Lots of sunny days with low humidity make the area an optimal location for constructing the first houses.

After the beginning of the construction works, other guests started to come who were fascinated by the region and arising villas as well. A lot of those visitors wanted to buy their own houses there too. Finally, the decision to establish a construction company was made and project SUNRISE was born. The objective of the new company – constructing dream houses near the sea connecting the Greek architecture of the Aegean with modern Italian style elements. The first results were overwhelming.

Now we would like to present this project to the wider public. Convince yourself! Here you will find more information about our real-estate projects ….

Karpathos - the unknown beautiful island in the Aegean

Karpathos - a Greek island paradise

Greece has lots of inhabited islands. Some of these islands are in the southern Aegean where temperatures are still as pleasant during winter as in no other part of Europe.
But what actually makes Karpathos such a unique place? Karpathos offers so many natural beauties at a confined space.
High mountains in the island’s interior decline steeply towards the sea. There you find dreamlike sandy and gravel beaches which rank among the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is impossible to describe it and even pictures reveal only a part of the true beauty making Karpathos a pearl of the Aegean. Besides the natural beauties, it is above all the friendly inhabitants who shape the island of Karpathos. The Karpathians give each visitor to the island quickly the chance to feel as a friend rather than a stranger. More information about the island of Karpathos

Amopi located in south east of Karpathos

Crystal clear water

During summer months, the warm summer wind meltemi blow constantly from the northwest. The coasts in the southeast, in the lee of the mountains profit from this weather phenomenon. The air is very dry with a gigantic visibility. The ocean is very calm and crystal clear. Even if you have never used a diving mask or snorkel – Amopi is the place to do it. Thanks to the pleasant temperatures in winter and the warm summers, Amopi is one of the regions in Greece with the highest annual temperatures.

Amopi on the island of Karpathos

Amopi is about 8 km away from the capital of the island Pigadia. The region tempts with its wind-protected location and beautiful beaches. Early in the morning the sun rising the in sea dip-paints the coast in an orange light.

Still 50 years ago, Amopi was only a conglomeration of some small fishermen’s houses of the village of Menete in the island’s interior.

Only in 1987, after the extension of the airport, some small family-run hotels were built in the bay with the beautiful sandy and gravel bays. Besides the hotels, the Amopi of today boasts beautiful taverns, bars, mini-markets and rental services for cars and two-wheelers. he region of Ardani lies at the northern end of the bay. Here we are building the most beautiful vacation homes for you.