Island of Karpathos

Warm and sunny summers with very mild winters

With an area of approx. 300 km2 , Karpathos is the second-largest island of the Dodecanese after Rhodes. Due to its location far out in the Aegean Sea, Karpathos’ climate is warm and mild all year round. Even in winter, average temperatures still amount to 16 °C. Summers are very warm, but never as hot as on the Greek mainland or on the big islands Crete and Rhodes.
From June until the end of September it hardly rains.
The warm summer wind “the meltemi” blows particularly strongly in the island’s south making the heat of the summer months bearable. Karpathos is little populated with 6500 inhabitants.
The island’s north and offshore Saria island are natural protected. Some of the common animals and plants are strictly protected and only exist on Karpathos.

The most beautiful village of the Aegean - Olympos

Traditions - still lived daily

Olympos is considered the most beautiful village in the Aegean. The bright houses clinging to the mountain massif of Profiti Iliad like swallow nests. In Olympos, the women still wear every day their costume proudly. Especially here in the north of the island many old traditions are still alive. Every year at Easter time many former residents of the village come back from all over the world to their families to celebrate the traditional Orthodox Easter.

Karpathos has many beautiful beaches

Apella, Achata, Kira Panagia ...

... these are just some of the many small and large beautiful beaches of the island of Karpathos. Whether sand or gravel beach, whether waves or calm water - here everyone will find their own personal dream beach. Apella is a several hundred meter long sand / pebble beach, which can be hard to describe. You have to experience it and have seen.
Steep rise the rocks behind the Bay of Apella over 1000 meters in height. The beach in his bright white provides the framework for the deep blue Aegean Sea here. The water is crystal clear.


Water sports

The steady Northwest wind creates ideal conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding. In the extreme south-east of the island of Karpathos, there are several surf spots. Several surf centers offer courses and equipment.
The waters around Karpathos are clean and clear. Especially the coast to the east boasts excellent visibility under water.
Karpathos is suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The modern diving school in Pigadia supports you in your activities.


Especially in the off-season hiking is the best way to explore the beauty of the island. Start your tours on foot on the old paths of the islanders.
Karpathos is a paradise for hikers. The trails are usually well marked
The tour from sea level on the mountain top is quite an alpine hike and should only by experienced by good hikers and never be tried in the summer heat.